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More intelligent wage demand

As most of your are aware, there is a high rate of inflation in the game at the moment. This means that more Credits are going into the game, than out. This leads to rapidly increasing transfer prices. This is a problem.

The biggest reason for this issue is, that the largest clubs in the game have extremely high profits. Their greatest expense - player wages - are small compared to their revenue. As they have no training facility upgrades left to buy, they instead spend their vast amount of Credits on new players. In this way, the Credits from the best clubs are transferred down through the divisions. As a result, the overall player prices rise.

Another problem with this is, that any given player always has the same wage requirements no matter how much his club is profiting. If all Premier League clubs in the real world started profiting twice as much as now, a player wage increase would soon follow.

This fact make it easy to stay on top once you get there, and equally hard to get to the top.

So, we have the following three problems:

  • High level of inflation - rising transfer prices
  • Easy to stay on the top - hard to get the top
  • Unrealistic player wage requirements

These three issues can be solved by improving our way of calculating player wage. We'd like to make the players' wage requirements more intelligent so that they will act like in the real world. If all top clubs in Greece starts to profit extremely well, players in this league will start to demand higher wages.

In this way, we can reduce the inflation rate and at the same time, make it harder to stay the top, and easier to get there. In addition, the player wage requirements will become more realistic.

Of course, it should still be the top clubs thats profits most. However, not as much as they do today.

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