900 more have access to youth squads today

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale 20 March 2020, 11:13

This morning, I have given another 900 of you access to youth squads, which brings us up to over 75% of those enrolled.

During the past week we have been working on a number of small improvements for youth squads.

Among other things, these things have been implemented:

  • Fixed a cause of a crash that happened during last Sunday's season update
  • We now hide the league table on the youth squad page during the season update (just like elsewhere) to avoid crashes, etc. due to unprocessed data
  • "Interesting players" notifications have been added when a player on the youth squad is selected for the U17 or U21 national team
  • Clicking on club name in "upcoming matches" boxes links directly to the specific squad instead of the club
  • Fixed an incorrect message / link on Club->Youth Stadium
  • Better layout of the "Matches played since last login" page in cases where only the youth squad has played matches
  • Squad rating, vifa rank, player value and supporter numbers have been added to the youth squad page
  • The button to move a player down on the youth squad has been moved away from "Change transfer status" and a warning has been added to prevent people from accidentally moving a player

In addition, we working on a number of other improvements, including in the tactics editor.

When you have a youth squad you can put players from the youth squad into the lineup of the senior squad, without moving the player. You can only use 5 of them at a time, but at present the editor doesn't tell you this. So, we are working on some changes that will gray out youth player and disable dragging them once you've already added 5 of them. There will also be a text telling you about the 5 player limit.

We are also working on a general improvement in the way the tactics editor handles it when you have loaded it in one browser tab and you then make changes in another or something happens in the background, such as contract expiration or a sale. In those cases you may be trying to perform invalid actions because of what has changed in the background, and we can see that people then sometimes try the same thing over again and over again, even though a reload of the editor tab would fix it. We already handle some of the things that can happen in an elegant way, but not all events can be foreseen, so we will be adding a fallback that catches any unexpected situations and forces your browser to reload the editor, so that it has updated data.