Youth cups are here!

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 1 May 2020, 13:25

This morning I deployed a new batch of fixes and improvements.

We spent a great deal of time on some very stubborn bugs, which were incredibly hard to nail down.

There were 2 separate bugs, both of which resulted in the same symptom: that some leagues got too many teams during the season update, which meant that we couldn't create fixtures for them.

It turned out to be due to some very rare situations involving youth squads that need to be relegated because they had ended up in the same division as the senior squad.

We have also seen cases of some youth teams playing matches in 2 or even 3 different leagues, even though they were really only in 1. We think this is because some people might downed one too many cans of Red Bull, and then hammering the button too many times in rapid succession when signing their youth squad up for a league. We have now implemented a fix, that should prevent that.

The big new, though is:

Youth cups!

Yes, we have now implemented youth cups. Only youth squads can participate in these cups, so you can't sign up with your senior squad, even if it's full of young players.

We also redesigned the cups page with cups now grouped by country so that it's not so messy with all the youth cups added.

So if you have a youth squad, get on over to cups page and sign up.