Mood estimation and other news

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 13 May 2020, 15:11

Since the last blog, we've been busy in the development department crossing things off our to-do list, and today we've deployed a major update.

Updating our framework and optimizations

We have once again updated the framework that the game runs on, so we are now on Rails version 5.2. This update was significantly easier than the 3.2 to 4.2 update we performed last year, so it was one we could fit in between with other tasks.

In addition, we implemented a couple of optimizations last week, which among other things, shaved about 7 to 8 minutes off of the season update on Sunday.

Player statistics broken down by squad

Last week we redesigned the player statistics page and now show the players' statistics broken down by senior and youth squad.

This is useful in cases where a player changes squad or when you're using your youth players in senior squad tactics.

Right now we're considering whether we can do something similar on the players' History page, too.

Mood estimation

The players mood page has a new section where we try to estimate how the players' mood will change in the future.

It is important to point out that it's only an estimate, with some limitations:

  • Substitutions in or out are not taken into account
  • If the player is in the starting lineup, we assume he gets an average of 92 minutes of playing time.
  • If the player is not in the starting lineup, the estimation assumes he won't be playing at all.
  • It does not take into account whether the player is in an invalid tactic (too few players) and therefore will not actually be used.

What you see on the page now is the first version, and lacks the finishing touches. Most of the work to implement this feature so far has been focused on making sure we can perform this calculation in a way that won't be too taxing on our servers.

The graph will soon be expanded, so that the tool tips show a little more info, for example about the match involved and how many points up or down it moves.

In addition, we will soon use this calculation on the Assistant Manager page to show an estimate of the next time a player's mood will rise or fall by 1 level.

Standardization of youth players to 23 years

We have introduced a number of adjustments that standardize the concept of youth players to 23 years.

This means that the age limit for youth teams has been increased to 23 years and that the U21 national team becomes U23.

There will also be a change in training which means that, in the future, the coaches 'Youth players' attribute will be taken into account when training players up to 23 years. Previously, it was only up to 20 years. This change will not happen until Monday, May 18th. 11:00 GMT, so you have some time to prepare your training.

Youth squads now have room for 20 players

The number of player slots on the youth squad has been increased from 18 to 20 - so now there's a bit more room for those 23-year-olds who are now allowed to remain on the youth squad. You will also be able to spare the player's energy consumption a bit by having a few extra replacements in the squad.

My to-do list is shrinking

Recently, my focus has been on coding like a madman, on the tasks that have been on my list, so I've fallen behind on reading the threads in the Youth Squads beta forum.

But pretty soon, all the jobs on my list will be crossed out, and once it's empty, I will get back to the beta forum and go through the things you have been writing and suggesting lately .... and then I'm sure my to-do list will quickly be filled up again ;)