Oops! VM Awards starts early.

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 20 December 2020, 19:54

Oops! Amidst the hustle and bustle of Christmas, VM Awards started itself too soon.

Some of you may be wondering why the VM Awards are back even though this year's Christmas event is the advent calendar ....

First a little history: A long time ago, it was tradition that we made a new Christmas game almost every year.

This was unfortunately cut from the budget years ago. Our admin at the time then suggested we create the VM Awards, which he would just organise in a forum, so that it wouldn't require development time.

It wasn't really intended to be an ongoing thing, but in the following years, a system was gradually developed to handle nominations and voting automatically, because it did not require much development.

Every year, however, I was sad that I couldn't offer you anything other than rehashing VM Awards every year, and I could see that the interest in it declined, even though I tried everything I could to get more people to participate, for example by handing out more and more prizes to those who vote.

When I acquired Virtualmanager, one of my wishes was that we could return to making new Christmas games. So, I was really happy that we managed to make the advent calendar this year in just a few days, and I hope we can make something new again next year.

But since VM Awards have been running for so long, there are some who have grown very fond of it, and asked if we could have VM Awards again just for fun.

So this year we will be running a low-key, cozy VM Awards - without the extravagant prizes.

It was actually meant to run between Christmas and New Year, but it started itself automatically today, so we will just let it run. Tomorrow - Monday - a forum will be set up to discuss nominations, etc.