More DCs and new match schedule for youth teams

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 3 May 2021, 11:03

More centre defenders

Up until now, you have had exactly the same chance of getting a DL, DC, or DR, respectively, when you draw a defender youth player.

But, looking at the player market and the distribution of different types of defenders employed in clubs, it's clear that there is a significantly larger demand for centre defenders.

This makes it hard to find good DCs at a reasonable price. We'd like to try to improve that situation, så we have now made a small adjustment to the distribution of defenders.

Adjusting the balance of the game is always risky, so we have just made a cautious adjustment for now. The distribution is therefore now 30%/40%/30% for DR, DC, and DL, respectively.

Over time, this should improve the supply of centre defenders to better match the demand.

Better match schedule in youth leagues

As you know, youth leagues only have 12 teams. Until now, youth leagues have just used the senior leagues' match schedule, with the last 4 participants removed. However, this has meant that there was a somewhat uneven distribution of matches for some teams over the course of the week. For example, it could happen that a team had to play 2 matches one day and 5 the next.

Therefore, we have recently come up with a new match schedule specifically tailored for youth leagues, which distributes the matches more evenly. All teams now have 6 days with 3 matches and 1 day with 4. The day with 4 matches is never on Sunday.

But, it must be mentioned that we schedule matches according to the Central European time zone. So if you play in a different time zone, we cannot guarantee that you get the same number of matches every day. However, the matches will still be more evenly distributed than before.