More frequent contract assurance + double spectator weekend

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 2 June 2021, 18:33

More frequent contract assurance runs

As you may know, we have a feature that checks your player and employee contracts and automatically renew them if they expire in less than 30 hours.

The feature is a great safeguard against losing players if you forget to renew or if you are on vacation.

Until now, however, we have only checked contracts once per day - at 22:50 GMT - which has never been made clear. This has sometimes led to complaints from users who have turned on contract assurance and still lost players because they left the club before the next check happened.

Therefore, contracts will now be checked 6 times a day, and the contract page makes it clear when the checks happen in your own timezone.

Double Spectator Weekend, June 4-6

It's been a while since we've had a double spectator weekend, so I think it's about time for another round.

So for all matches this weekend, from Friday the 4th to Sunday the 6th of June, twice as many spectators will want to attend.

Your stadium obviously needs to have room for them, so if you've been thinking about expanding, now would be a good time.

You could also try increasing the ticket price for the weekend matches instead. You can do this on the match preview pages. Remember that the preview shows an estimate of the match's ticket sales when you change the price, and this also takes into account the increased interest in the match during the double spectator weekend.