Crew recruitment and Manual updates

Liam - CM, FC Apollyon Community Manager 6 March 2022, 08:30

Application for crew

We are in need of more power to our crew. We are searching for the following positions:

They answer support cases. Questions about any part of the game.

Keeping the Issue report section clean and up-to-date. Go through all issues and get as much data as possible to be able to send it to our developers.

Cheat Hunter
Handle cases that our system picks up and decide whether or not cheating is involved.

If any of these have your interest, please send an application through the support system. Mark the case as "Issues with payment" to let them straight through to the Community Manager, which will handle all applications.

With the applications please add the amount of time you have, and why you think you'll suit the role.

Manual updates

During the next week we will begin updating our manual with new information.

There might be times where information is missing, where the information is wrongly formatted or images are missing or broken.

We will update the wiki throughout the week. Once we are done, we will send a new blog post.
The manual can be found here: Manual