New sponsor system out now!

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 1 August 2022, 14:02

We have now converted your current sponsorship agreements to the new system and paid out their base amounts.

Sponsorship offers will start coming in today at 14:00 GMT. Normally they will come in on Monday morning at 5:00 GMT

The amounts

The sponsors offer you a base amount which is influenced by the following:

  • How many supporters your senior team has
  • The sponsor's minimum division requirement
  • The sponsor's requirements for stadium capacity
  • The sponsor's requirements for your youth squads

The more requirements and the harder the requirement, the higher the base amount.

You can accept an offer with a higher division requirement than the division you are currently in if you think you will move up this season. But, if you don't, you pay a fine, which is deducted from the base amount.

The same applies if you do not meet the requirements for an offer at the start of the season because you have been relegated.

If you want to maximize your return, go for offers with the highest requirements you are sure to meet.

There will be fewer and fewer offers with higher division requirements near the end of the week, so if you want a lucrative deal with a higher division requirement, you shouldn't wait until the season is almost over.

The base amount is paid at the start of the season - on Monday morning.

Some offers will also have bonuses.

Bonuses will always reduce the base amount, but in return you have the chance to earn extra if you meet the bonus requirement.

Bonuses are paid continuously throughout the season as soon as they are fulfilled - for example as soon as you have won X matches in a row.

The base amounts are dimensioned with an eye on the theoretical maximum base amounts you could get in the old system. But, if you used the trick of setting the base amount to 1 credit and then putting everything in the bonus amount, you should probably expect somewhat lower sponsorship amounts in the future.

Rejection of offer

If none of the offers look good, you can reject them all and get new ones right away.

If you do, you cannot decline again until 36 hours have passed.


To secure a sponsorship deal for the next season, you must have accepted an offer no later than Sunday at 14:00 GMT.

When the new season starts, you will be able to obtain offers again starting from Monday morning at 5:00 GMT.


In the coming days, we will be following up on the sponsorship system and, among other things, looking at these things:

  • Bug fixes
  • Preparing for the season update on Sunday
  • Adding sponsor logos
  • Implementation of new bonus types if you or we come up with some good suggestions
  • Possibly improvements to the sponsor system UI