Sponsor system: first season update and new sponsor

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 7 August 2022, 20:47

A small hiccup with the first season update

During the season update this evening, there was a bit of a hitch with the new sponsorship system. If you were online today while the season update was going on, you probably noticed that it was taking a little while to finish. We got it fixed though, so hopefully next Sunday it will go smoothly again.

New 1st division sponsor

Today we've added 1 new sponsor, which is the only one who requires that you play in the 1st division.

We are only adding one since sponsorships with a 1st division requirement are more lucrative and therefore must remain rare.

New things on the way

In the coming days, we will work on implementing more variety in the sponsorship offers, such as new types of bonuses.

As we add more variety, we will also reduce the waiting time for new offers.

When we roll out changes to offer generation, we will always do so on Sunday evening after the season update, so that they will be available when the new round of offers starts on Monday.