The transition to the new stadium system

126594 Rasmus Rønn Nielsen, The Dudes 22 November 2011, 11:38

As you're probably aware, our new stadium system is soon ready for use. You can read more about this in a previous blog post.

In the new system the capacity of your stadium will be based on which upgrades you have completed on each section of your stadium. For example, a level 3 south stand increases your overall capacity with a certain number.

We have to convert all current stadiums to this new system. A conversion like this impossible to make 100% fair for everybody - some clubs will inevitably benefit more from this than others. But we have done our best to design a conversion process that makes it as fair as possible.

Stadium Credits

The new stadium editor system will be put online Monday. We will try to calculate how many Credits each club has spent on their stadium throughout their lifetime. We do not have the precise number, so we have to make an educated guess using some clever calculations. Our estimate will be based on the capacity of the stadium. Clubs with larger stadium have paid less per seat than smaller ones (due to larger package discounts). We will of course take this into account when making the calculation.

From this amount we will withdraw any possible costs to repair your stadium to 100%. This is done to ensure that people with a low stadium condition does not get an unfair advantages when transitioning to the new system (where everybody starts at 100%).

The result of the calculation will be paid to you as so-called "Stadium Credits". If we estimate, that you have spent 2.500.000 Credits on your stadium, you'll be paid 2.500.000 Stadium Credits.

These special Credits can only be spent on building your new stadium through the new stadium editor. When you've run out of Stadium Credits you can continue purchasing stadium improvements for your regular Credits.

If you have not used your Stadium Credits within 90 days, they will be spent automatically on random stadium improvements.

Stadium capacity will differ

In the current stadium system there are no "hard" max capacity. You can continue to expand forever really. The new system will have a hard max. If you've upgraded all your stands to the highest level, you cannot increase your capacity further (at least not in version 1 of the stadium editor). And since we want to keep the proportional differences between the current stadium's capacities, some clubs will not get enough Stadium Credits to buy the same number of seats as they had before the conversion.

Further, this is also affected by the changed price scheme of the new stadium system. The larger the stadium you have, the higher the price for a new seat. Of course, this also means that you'll have bigger chance of getting a larger stadium in the new system if you have a small stadium now.

Old capacity is used until December 2nd

Due to the construction process, some parts of your new stadium will be unavailable while you're building it. If you for example are upgrading your south stand, this stand will be unavailable while the upgrade is being performed.

To avoid problems caused by this, we will use the "old" stadium capacity until December 2nd. That means you'll have five days to complete your initial work.

After December 2nd, the maximum number of attendees your can welcome will be determined by the upgrades you've done on your newly built stadium.

Faster upgrades

In the stadium editor an upgrade will take some time to accomplish. Until December 2nd, this construction will be reduced to 10%.