World Cup betting game + energy boost display

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 13 June 2014, 13:41

The first World Cup match has now been played, and thus our betting game is now in full swing!

Almost 20 clubs gambled it all on a win for Brazil yesterday, and their score now stands at 196 points. Remember to check the stats page where you can keep track of the leader board and the best bets.

Now that the game is in progress, everyone will be awarded extra points to bet with, every day. If you have VM Premium, you get 30 points every day, if not, you only get 10.

When the game ends, the top 3 betting clubs will receive a full year of free VM Premium.

Energy boost is now visible

We've now implemented a feature that lets you see when a player's energy has been boosted.

If a player has been boosted today, a yellow lightning bolt is shown in the energy bar in his profile, and if you move your mouse over it, you can see the exact time, he was boosted. The boost marks will disappear again at 11pm GMT.

Have a nice weekend

That's all for now, have a nice weekend :)