New crew tools

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 4 July 2014, 16:22

Crew tools

We are constantly working to make it easier for our crew handle their cases smoothly and efficiently and to make sure that everyone gets a quick response when they contact us through the support system.

That's why we've have added a new handful of crew tools today. These new tools give our supporters and other crew members handy information about clubs to help them in support cases - all gathered in a single place - and gives them a better opportunity to discuss and cooperate on the more complicated cases.

We've also made it possible for crew members to contact a club directly through the support system. This way, the crew no longer have to use the mail system when they need to contact a club. That means all contact between the crew and the clubs will now be handled through the support system, and thus old conversations won't be lost if a crew member stops.

Cheaper stadium prices on the way

As mentioned earlier, we've started looking at reducing stadium prices. A number of the higher level stadium elements will become significantly cheaper so as to avoid a situation where it takes too long to recoup the cost of a stadium upgrade.

We don't currently have an estimated date for when the price reductions are implemented, but when it happens, all clubs who have purchased stadium elements at a more expensive price, will automatically receive a refund of the difference. So, if you need more seats here and now, you don't have to wait for the price reductions to kick in.

Have a nice weekend!