Congratulations to the winners!

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 14 July 2014, 15:19

It's no secret that yesterday we finally found the winners of the biggest sporting event in the world: The Virtualmanager Betting Game!

The winner [Pazzies](odds/users/1945) took us all by surprise at the last minute by betting everything on the last two matches, which won him 23,056 points - the highest winning ticket of the whole game.

He ended up with a total of 23,086 total points.

Second and third place were Fix EUW plz and OM, who finished on 18,770 and 16,020 points, respectively.

All three of them have won 1 full year VM Premium!

You can see all the overall standings and the highest winning tickets of the game here.

World Cup forum contest

We also found the winners of the World Cup forum contest, which was moderated by our admin, Bårdur FC.

The winners were:

Congratulations to all the winners!