Cheaper stadiums on Tuesday!

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale 29 August 2014, 13:34

The holidays are over and we're back in action at the Virtualmanager office.

As I've mentioned before, a price reduction on stadiums is on the way. These changes are now ready, along with the code that will go through everyone's stadiums, and refund the credits, for everyone whose stadiums have become cheaper.

The total cost to upgrade all the way from level 0 to 6 has been reduced from 405 million credits to about 300 million. The biggest savings are at levels 4 and 5, since we could see that people tended to get stuck after they having built a full level 3 stadium.

Overall, the price reductions look like this:

  1. We have not touched levels 0-2
  2. Level 3 stadiums are around 24% cheaper
  3. Level 4 stadiums are almost 50% cheaper
  4. Level 5 Stadiums are about 36% cheaper
  5. Level 6 stadiums are about 22% cheaper

In addition, levels 3 and 5 received 400 and 4,000 additional seats, respectively.

The level 6 stadium is still very expensive per seat, so it's still a great achievement to reach this level.

The price changes will be rolled out on Tuesday, and everyone who's stadium has become cheaper, will receive a refund for the difference.