Adjusting yesterday's update

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 22 October 2014, 15:15

Yesterday we rolled out an update, which was intended to solve the problem that the new training results were too far away from the old.

The problem arose because we are in a transitional phase in the shift from the old player abilities to the new ones. Until all other systems, which currently still rely on the old abilities or the old training results, we need to perform a conversion from old abilities to new ones after each training session.

However, five of the old abilities, were was not used in the conversion algorithm, and were therefore wasted during training.

These wasted abilities meant that the smart managers who avoided them, got an unintended bonus, and those who hadn't figured it out would lose out

It would be best if the conversion algorithm had never been made ​​this way, at least not without removing the wasted abilities from the training at the same time.

The solution, which we put up yesterday, was the removal of three of the wasted abilities from training programmes, and the addition of two of them (Jump and Strength) to the attribute conversion algorithm

The addition of Jump and Strength meant that if a player's old Jump or Strength was lower than their old Dribbling or Tackling, then Dribbling or Tackling would decrease, and otherwise they would increase.

It also meant that a small part of the discrepancy between those who had won out on the weaknesses of the conversion algorithm and those who had lost out to it, was reduced a bit and become a bit more fair - but only in relation to the couple of properties that had got Jump or Strength added as a factor.

The crew made ​​me aware, though, that many managers whose players had lost a small portion of their abilities were very upset. This is really unfortunate, since the update fixed a really annoying problem.

After discussion with the crew, however, we've come up with a compromise, which has now been implemented.

We have now given up on trying to get Jump and Strength incorporated into the conversion algorithm, and instead we will remove them also from the training programmes, in order to avoid wastage. This means that all players' abilities will return to what they were before the update yesterday, but at least the training problem is largely remedied from here on out.

The removal of Strength has meant that the training program "Strength Training" no longer made ​​sense, so it has been removed. If you had any training groups set to "Strength Training", these have now been changed to "Aerobic".