Virtualmanager in 2015

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 12 January 2015, 12:49

Now that we're well into the new year, I figured it was time to tell you a little about where Virtualmanager will be heading in 2015.

New training system and updating all systems to use new abilities

As everyone probably knows, we're currently working on a new training system that works directly on the new player abilities. We've actually been working on it between Christmas and New Year, but only at half pace.

Besides operating on the new abilities, the new training system will let you choose how much effort you want to put into the individual abilities - of course, within certain limits.

When the new training system is released, all the underlying systems that previously used the old abilities, will also be updated to use the new ones. Unfortunately, this is quite a big task that is not really visible to you guys, but it must be in place before we can release the new training system.

If all goes well, I expect that we will be able to publish it all by the end of February.

What happens then?

When the training system is finished, we'll all breathe a sigh of relief that we've finally laid the old abilities to rest, and we can get started on exciting new initiatives.

We have a lot of things that we've been discussing for a while and would like to develop. We haven't yet laid down a definite schedule for these future features, but I would still like to tell you about a couple of the things we'd like to work on.

Scouts will be kicked up a notch

The scouts need an overhaul.

We want to let the scouts give you results much quicker than today, and we might make him ยด able to find untrained youth players for you as well. Instead of sending a scout out for days to get a good result, we will try to make it possible to get a report from him in a few minutes.

At the same time, the scout pages will be freshened up to look a bit more up to date.

Youth players

It should be fun to pick out youth players, but today it is a rather dull affair. You just select an age and a country from the two menus, and you get a randomly generated player - and then you are either lucky or not. Yawn.

We've been toying with the idea that instead you'll get 10-15 different players to choose from each week, with a bit more variation than today. You will then have to make an assessment about which ones are best suited to your own club, and select 5 of them to hire. If you are a new club, for example, it needs be worth it to hire a 20-year-old player, who can join your line-up straight away and play matches, while talent clubs can go after the younger talents.

We haven't yet decided the details of how this will work.

Good luck to everyone in 2015!