Newcomers Challenge open to all nationalities

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale 16 October 2015, 15:42

It's been quite a few years since we launched Virtualmanager outside of Denmark. Back then, we created the Newcomers Challenge cup, which was only open to clubs outside Denmark, in order to give all the new managers a chance to participate in a cup without all of the large, established clubs that had a head start of several years.

Of course, that entry requirement no longer makes sense, so starting today, the Newcomers Challenge is open to all nationalities, as long as the meet the VIFA requirements.

In the future, we might consider adjusting the VIFA requirements or having it open only for clubs that are less than a year old, to ensure that the cup really is only for newcomers, like the name suggests.

Do you remember to apply for sponsorships?

We can see that many managers forget to apply for a sponsorship, so we've now added a reminder to the Team overview page. Especially for small and medium clubs, a sponsorship can be a worthwhile bonus income, so it's definitely worth it to get those applications in.

When a sponsor decides whether or not to accept your application, they look at how much exposure they can get for their credits.

All that they really do is divide the club's VIFA points by the credit amount, and sort all the applications by the resulting number. They then go down the list and accept applications until their budget runs out.

If you want to simplify your application, you can just leave the bonus amount amount empty. If you add a bonus amount to your application, the sponsor look at how likely it is that you'll meet the bonus requirement. So, asking for a bonus amount is a bit of a gamble, that will really only pay off if you're able to beat the odds and achieve a better result than your league seeding would imply.

You can apply to multiple sponsors to increase your chances of getting a sponsorship. If more than one sponsor accepts your application, then the system will automatically select one that gives the highest amount of credits.