The new scout will find untrained players

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale 22 January 2016, 16:16

Today I've a few more details for you on the new scout system, we're currently developing.

Wild cards

If you send out your scout and tell him to focus on potential, from time to time, his report will contain an untrained player. We will call the "wild cards" and mark them with the blue icon, you've seen in previous blog posts.

Since they've never been trained, the scout will have no idea how good they are. You'll have to hire them, and try them out during training.

If your report contains an untrained player, you'll have 30 minutes where other clubs' scouts won't be able to find him.

If your scout has 20 in Motivation, and his speciality is Scout, then he'll find a wild card for you in about 30% of his reports - but only if any exist, of course.

Your scouts

In the new system, a scout report will be done in just a couple of minutes. When it's done, the scout will have to rest for a few hours, before you can send him out again.

In the current system it takes a minimum of 3 days finish one report. In the same amount of time, a single one of the new scout will be able to prepare around 12-70 reports! That means it'll no longer be necessary to have a large number of scout on staff, so there will be a maxmium of 5 per club.

If you have more than 5 on the day we release the new scouts, you'll need to fire the remainder, since the system will only let you use the first 5.

The important scout abilities

  • Potential assessment: Determines the scout's evaluation precision when focusing on potential.
  • Ability assessment: Determines the scout's evaluation precision when focusing on abilities.
  • Motivation: Determines the chance of finding a wild card when focusing on potential.
  • Discipline: Determines the maximum number of players in a report.
  • Motivation+discipline: Determines for how long the scout will need to rest after finishing a report.

Have a nice weekend!