The new scout is here!

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 8 February 2016, 13:55

You can find the new scout here and just click on Market and find him in the menu to the left.

For those of who haven't kept up with my blog posts, here's an overview of some of the new stuff:

Only a couple of minutes

It'll only take a couple of minutes to finish a report - before, it took at least 3 days! :O

Pick a focus

You need to choose what your scout should focus on: either Potential or Abilities.
Pick Potential, if you're looking for a player to develop and train, and Abilities, if you're looking for a player to fill a position in your lineup right here and now.


If you set Focus to Potential, there's a chance that your scout will find a completely untrained player - a wildcard. These players you'll need to hire and train, in order to find out for yourself whether they're worth the effort.

A max of 5 scouts

You can only have 5 scouts maximum. If you currently have more, you'll need to fire the excess.

The scout needs rest

The scout needs to rest for a few hours after finishing a report, but you can get him ready straight away by spending VM Tickets.

Do you only want to see players for sale?

If you tick the box "Only for sale?", then the scout will only look at players who are either on auction, transfer listed, or on free transfer - players that you'll be able to purchase right away, without first having to contact the owner or wait for him to accept a bid.

Players' current residence

To avoid you having to pick from a list of over a hundred countries when you send out your scout, you can only send him to countries with leagues in them.

That means that all players now have an additional piece of information on their profile: Current residence. So if a player is originally from Ukraine, but his current residence is USA, then a scout will be able to find in the USA.

The important scout abilities

  • Potential assessment: Determines the scout's evaluation precision when focusing on potential.
  • Ability assessment: Determines the scout's evaluation precision when focusing on abilities.
  • Motivation: Determines the chance of finding a wild card when focusing on potential.
  • Discipline: Determines the maximum number of players in a report.
  • Motivation+discipline: Determines for how long the scout will need to rest after finishing a report.

Tweaks and fixes on the way

We've actually already got a bunch of ideas for things that can be improved, so over the next couple of days, there will be a number of smaller changes - mainly to make the user interface a bit more clear.

Of course, we're also ready to fix any bugs that might occur in the new system.

We hope you like the new scout!