Day 3 of the new scout

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale 10 February 2016, 16:43

We're still hard at work on the new scout. Since yesterday we've made these improvements and fixes:

  • In Rating and Age, the maximum and minimum can now be the same, for instance if you only want to search for 15-year-old players.
  • You can now set the minimum Rating to 0.
  • We have fixed a bug that kept the scout from seeing all of the players within the Rating span you had selected.
  • All problems with Safari and Internet Explorer should now be fixed.
  • We have fixed the problems with the search metadata, that meant the scouts were looking at outdated information, and therefore found incorrect players.

We still have more improvements on the way, which should make the scouts easier to work with. These will be coming over the course of this week and the next.

Finally, I want to answer a couple of questions that have emerged:

What does "How expensive can they be?" mean?

Some people have thought that this field means "Player value", but that's incorrect.

The purpose of the field is for you to enter your budget so that scouts won't recommend players you can't afford. That means that you should always enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a new player.

When scouts search for players, they compare the amount you entered, with our best guess at what the player will end up costing you. This price is one of the following numbers, depending on what is most relevant at the time:

Auction price > Transfer listing price > Minimum price > Player value > Sign on bonus

So if the player is on auction, we naturally use the current highest bid. Otherwise we use the transfer listing price (if there is one), otherwise the minimum price (if there is one), otherwise the player value (if the player is in a club), and finally the sign on bonus if the player is not in a club.

Can the scout see hidden numbers?

When the scout searches for players with high potential, he assesses it based on their training results. He can't see any numbers that you can't.

That also means that there may be high uncertainty with the brand new players who have only trained a few times.