Development on the new scout continues

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 18 February 2016, 15:01

We're still steaming ahead, making improvements to the new scout.

These are some of the things we've implemented since my last blog post:

  • Clearer overview of your reports.
  • You can delete reports.
  • Latest 10 trainings along with training average now shown in reports.
  • Overview of your scouts' status on the main scouting page.
  • You can create a new report with settings copied from an existing one.
  • We have fixed a bug, that prevented the scout from seeing the latest training results for newly created players until the following Sunday. This meant that new players with very good training results weren't discovered by the scout right away.
  • Workaround for a layout problem for older versions of iOS (you really ought to update your phone or tablet, if you had this problem).

Since we released the new scout, we've had tons of great suggestions for improvements, and we've already implemented quite a few. We're far from done yet, though. Here are some of the things we've got planned:

You should be able to scout any specific club you want

Would you like to get an evaluation of your own players, or of one of your competitors. You'll soon be able to tell your scout to look at all the players of any club you choose.

You should be able to pick more positions

If you just want to look at all players, and not just one specific type, then you should be able to.

You should be able to find newly created players

Some managers have a particular interest in finding the newest talents. We're currently working on a solution to make that easier.

The scout shouldn't look at your own players

When you send out your scout, you obviously don't want him to waste time looking at your own players (unless you specifically ask him to).

The scout should skip players, that he has already shown you during the past 12 hours

You obviously don't want the scout to show you the same players over and over. Therefore, we want him to find new ones every time, until there are no more to show. Of course, that means that you'll get the best players in your first report. If you keep sending the scout out with the same settings, the players he finds will get gradually worse the more times you repeat the same report.

Sort players in your reports the way you want

You should be able to pick which column you want to sort players from.

MAYBE you should be able to pick specific positions

Do you need a Left Midfielder right now? It would be nice if the scout could find you exactly that. We're looking into the possibility of implementing this, but I cannot promise that it'll make it in.