Scout: cheaper reports, club reports, and more

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 23 February 2016, 13:50

Today we've released a new bunch of updates to the new scout.

Cheaper reports

Scout reports are now considerably cheaper. Travel costs are now about one third of what hey used to be. The scouts' per diem payment remains the same.

This will especially benefit clubs from USA and Brazil, since they used to have very large travel costs, because of the large distances to other countries.

Club reports

You can now ask your scouts to prepare a report looking specifically at all the players in a single club.

To get a club report, just find the club and click the button labelled "Evaluate players" on the left-hand side.

The scout no longer looks at your own players

You no longer risk the scout giving you reports containing your own players.

If you do want him to look at your own players, you can of course ask him to do a club-report on your own club.

The scout will skip players you've already seen in a report within the past 12 hours

Previously, if you sent out the scout multiple times with the same settings, you'd, understandably, get many of the same players over and over.

From now on, the scout will skip any players who have already been in another one of your reports within the past 12 hours. That way you'll always get new players every time, even if you make lots of reports in a short time. Obviously, the players you get will gradually be worse, since the scout will show you the best ones first.

Club reports will always show all of the club's players, even if you've already seen them in another report. When making regular reports, though, the scout will skip any players already shown in a club report.