Betting game for UEFA Euro 2016

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 10 June 2016, 11:47

Now that UEFA Euro 2016 is about to kick off, we've brought back our betting game. We've put a lot of VM Premium, VM Tickets and credits at stake: there are prizes for the top 20 betters!

The game has now started, and you can now go in and make coupons with with your first 100 points.

After June 11th everyone will be awarded extra points to bet with every day. If you have VM Premium, you get 30 points every day - if you don't, you get 10.

As a new feature this year, people can now try out the game without having a club. So if you've got friends who don't play Virtualmanager and think they can do better than you at betting, you can just send them the link and they'll be able to place bets right away. Of course, if they want the chance to win the prizes, they'll need to sign up.

I hope you'll all enjoy Euro 2016 Bet!