Help us test our new servers

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 15 June 2016, 16:08

If you think things have been a bit quiet here lately, there's a reason for that.

For the past few months we've spent most of our time preparing to move Virtualmanager to all new servers.

Right now, the site is running on 7 old physical servers in a traditional hosting centre. That's where we've been situated for the past several years.

But, a while ago, the hosting centre operator announced that they were closing down their physical hosting site, in favour of virtual servers. That means that we're forced to move, and since they've already begun closing down the hosting centre, we cannot postpone the move any longer.

Preparations for the move have take a long time, since Virtualmanager is incredibly complex, and we don't have many development resources.

In order to make the move a bit easier and less risky, been doing some major spring cleaning, and delete 50 database table with thousands of lines of accompanying, obsolete code.

The old physical servers will be scrapped and in the future, Virtualamanager will run on cloud servers instead.

Just today, we've finally got our entire cloud server setup online and right now they're running a complete copy of Virtualmanager. The data is from a database backup we took on Monday the 13th of June.

Our plan is to let the new server setup run through an entire season to ensure that they're ready for the big move.

You can find the new server at

If you'd like, you can log in there and mess around a bit. Obviously, eanything you do over there will not have any permanent affect on your club, since the copy will be deleted when we do the move.