Server move on Monday July 4th

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 29 June 2016, 14:48

It's nearly time for the server move that I've told you about earlier. All of Virtualmanager will be move to entirely new servers.

Things will kick off on Monday July 4th. The plan is as follows:

  • During the season update on Sunday, we will ensure that no matches are scheduled on Monday until after 13:00 GMT.
  • During the player value update that starts Sunday evening, we will only update players who are employed.
  • On July 4th at around 02:00 GMT the site will shut down. From this point on, the site will be inaccessible until the move has been completed.
  • During the night we will perform a full backup of the database, which will then be imported onto the new database server. We expect this process to be done some time during the morning.
  • Once we've tested the new setup and ensured that everything is working, we will reopen the site. We expect to be up and running before 13:00 GMT.

Please be patient

This server move has been in preparation for several months and is a huge undertaking. Even though we've tested everything we can think of, things can still go wrong. There's no guarantee that the site will run without issues in the day following the move.

So, please be prepared for possibility of bugs, outages and such after the move. We will of course be standing by to fix errors as soon as they become apparent.