Cheaper players from free transfer

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 12 July 2016, 14:10

Lately there has been quite a few pretty decent players on free transfer, who could actually do quite well in small and newly started clubs.

That's obviously a good thing in and of itself, but with ratings of around 15-20, they have been demanding sign-on bonuses that far exceeded their market values, and they've often been too expensive for smaller clubs.

Therefore, we've now made these sorts of players cheaper to buy. In order to avoid messing with the general player wages and prices, we've implemented it this way:

1. Players will never ask for a sign-on bonus that exceeds their value

This way, we ensure that the sign-on bonuses for free transfer players match their market values a bit more closely. For players with ratings around 10-20, this makes for a significant reduction in sign-on bonuses, and we've avoided messing with the higher end players.

2. Players purchased from free transfer give you a 50% discount on their first 3 days wages

With this couple of minor changes we hope that more of these types of players will find gainful employment :)