Rebalance: Setting ticket price per match

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 7 April 2017, 11:27

Implementation of the many different parts of the rebalance are moving steadily forward. Today I want to give you a preview of a couple of the things I mentioned in the ecomony blog post.

To keep managers better informed about the economic factors surrounding matches, we will be adding a new section to the match preview.

In this section we'll give you information about the stadium, that the match will be played on, as well as the estimated spectator numbers and ticket sales.

If you're looking at one of your own home matches, then you'll be able to set the ticket price specifically for that match. If you do, then the estimated spectator numbers and ticket sales will be updated straight away.

Update: Despite what's shown in the picture above, this page will not show you broadcasting rights income. Instead, you will get a notification with the total amount for the season, when it is paid out during the season update.

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