The player market is going nuts!

112913 Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale 23 May 2017, 11:07

Since we release the Rebalance about a week ago, we've set a record for the number of player trades completed in one day.

Sunday, May 21st, 3,337 auctions were successfully completed.

We're only counting completed auctions between managers, resulting in a player changing from one club to another - so free transfers, firings, bot clubs etc. don't affect this number.

For over a year we've been logging the number of daily completed auctions, and in all of that time, there has never been this many auctions completed in a single day.


More active clubs.

And some more good news: In the previous week over 1,200 old clubs have returned to check out the Rebalance, and there will hopefully be even more in the following weeks.

Welcome back! :)

...and if you know anyone who has previously played Virtual Manager, then why not ask if they don't think it's time for a glorious return.

Follow-up and crew day.

I've invited our volunteer crew to our offices in Viborg, Denmark for a crew day this Saturday.

Among other things, we will be following up on the first experiences with the Rebalance, and discussing which things might need adjusting.

Of course, it's still much to early to make any large change, but it will still be useful to identify which key issues and numbers we should be monitoring.