Day 2 after the massive deployment

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 30 January 2019, 15:12

As you know, yesterday we performed a massive deployment of the youth squads code in order to start the alpha test of this new feature. During the alpha 1 test, we're concentrating on first correcting all of the expected errors that have arisen in the surrounding game due to the extensive changes made to the core of the game.

Today we have, among other things, addressed the following:

VIFA rank and cup entries

There was a bug in the nightly update of VIFA ranks, which resulted in everyone having their rank deleted.

This had the consequence that many had also had their registrations for next season's cups cancelled because they no longer met the VIFA rank requirements.

All clubs have now had their correct VIFA ranks calculated.

In addition, we have also restored the cup entries, so it shouldn't be necessary to re-register.

You can just ignore the notification saying that you have been removed from the cup.

Premium purchase issues

There have been a few various issues preventing premium purchases. This has now been fixed.


An error in the notification of players being suspended in cup matches meant that a few clubs could not read their notifications. This has been corrected.

Various minor errors that were not related to the new release

Since we've had our eyes glued to our crash logs all day, we also discovered a handful of minor flaws here and there which we have also sorted out.

Further developments

The situation right now is that no hard crashes (the white page with red text) have been logged since about 11:50 GMT, so things are starting to settle down. However, there are still some sporadic Javascript errors that we need to investigate.

Considering how extensive the changes to the game's foundation were, the number and severity of bugs has been surprisingly small.

In the following days, we will continue to be on high alert to handle any additional errors; especially on Sunday during the season update.

When we are satisfied that everything has stabilized, we will move on to the alpha 2 test, where we will create a few test youth squads and then deal with whatever errors will arise from that.