Youth squads becomes an employee benefit (april fools)

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale 1 April 2019, 09:55

Youth squads only for developers

It is no secret that we are just a small company, so that means that there's not much in the way of employee benefits, such as fruit snacks, professional development courses or free coffee around here.

Instead, it has been decided that the "Youth squads" feature will be an employee benefit and so it will only be available to the company's salaried developers.

At the moment I am the only salaried developer in the company, and if you look at my club profile, you can see my youth team that I have had for a couple of weeks already.

My youth team is currently in France's Division 5, Group 10, and is doing pretty good so far.

Bangs United also has a youth team, but since he is a freelancer and not a permanent employee, it will be deleted when the test period is over.

I am sure it will be incredibly exciting for all of you to follow along and watch how it goes for my youth squad!

Nah, this was of course an April Fools

New friendly match page

As some may already have discovered, we recently redesigned the friendly match invitation page because it needs to support youth squads.

When you invite another club to play a friendly match, you can now choose which one of your squads you want to send, and also choose whether you want to play against the opponent's senior squad or youth squad.

When you switch between the squads, you will see an overview of their lineup.

That's all for now, and be careful not to fall for any April Fools today!