Maintenance, youth squads, double spectator weekend

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 20 June 2019, 13:52

Even though the blog has been quiet lately, that doesn't mean things aren't moving ahead behind the scenes... there is always plenty to do!

Recently, we have, among other things, had to do some necessary maintenance - including a rewrite of a number of very old background jobs, all the way back to the time we still used PHP.

The reason why these jobs have only just now been rewritten to Ruby is that they were very complex and risky to mess with. However, it is no longer feasible to run code written in 2 very different programming languages, as it makes our server setup unnecessarily complex and slows down development in several ways.

Unfortunately, that has resulted in some issues in the previous weeks, for instance with pensions that were not carried out for a long period. But, this means that every single background job - the game's heartbeat - has now finally been rewritten.

The very old, neglected "Groups" feature is now the last part still running PHP. The function is largely unused, so it will not be rewritten, but instead removed fairly soon.

When the feature is deleted, all VM Tickets that were spent on groups will be refunded.

Youth squads

Youth squads are still on their way, even though it has had to be postpone. We have, as you know, been testing it for some time, and continuously implementing improvements to many different pages in relation to how we display a club's data when they have a youth team.

Today we have invited a small handful of extra clubs into the closed beta. Initially, it is some of our more technically oriented crew, such as our bug moderators.

In the coming weeks we will continuously invite more and more people, and correct any bugs and implement improvements based on their feedback.

Double spectator weekend

It's been a long time since we had one of these, so this weekend - Saturday June 22 and Sunday June 23 - there will be double on spectators for all matches... but only if your stadium has room for them, of course.