Server move on Monday, August 12th

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 10 August 2019, 13:56

It has recently become possible for us to move to a new server host that is far better suited to Virtualmanager in a number of important ways.

So, for the past month we have been hard at work preparing to move the game to new servers.

We are now ready to get the move under ways, and we will start on Monday, August 12th.

We expect to close down the site down at around 06:00 GMT, and that the downtime will last a maximum of 5 hours. Of course, unexpected issues can always occur, which might delay things.

Once the site has been closed down, all players and staff will have their contracts extended for free, and auctions that are due to end during the downtime will be postponed.

Over the course of the following days, we will keep a close eye on the game and fix any issues that may arise from the move.

Federations will be discontinued

At the new host we have chosen to not set up a server with PHP. The "Federations" feature, which is almost never used any more, is the last part of the site that still uses PHP, and it'll therefore be discontinued.

It will make our setup significantly simpler when we no longer have to support 2 completely different frameworks, and since this feature is never used, it makes sense to shut it down. It will make a lot of things easier for us in the future.

Once the move has been completed and the dust has settled, we will refund all of the VM Tickets that people have spent on Federations.

News about youth squads on the way

For the past several months, we have been incredibly busy, working on a number of different - but absolutely necessary - tasks behind the scenes. This means that we have not really been able to finish one task before starting on the next one, but unfortunately that has been unavoidable. Therefore, there hasn't been much news about youth squads for a while.

But we are getting close to finishing up all these tasks and the server relocation will be the first of them that we can cross off our list. That will free up a lot of time that we can spend on tying up the rest of the loose ends.

Once as the server move is over and everything is running smoothly, I will get back to you with some more news about youth squads.