The day after the server move

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale 13 August 2019, 21:06

Here are some of the things we've fixed since yesterday:

During the night, a critical server ran out of memory, resulting in the entire site becoming inaccessible. It was fixed this morning and we've tripled the amount of memory on this server and made some changes to its configuration that should prevent it from happening again.

Another cause of problems has been that our new servers now follow UTC time instead of CET. This is the most sensible way to handle time on the servers, but it resulted in a few errors here and there.

Yesterday, some people were unable to start auctions. However, the issue only affected certain browsers, including Firefox whose javascript engine could not understand the way we output times after switching to UTC. Chrome users were not affected. This was fixed last night.

In addition, yesterday it was not possible to train between 23:00 and 01:00 GMT. This was because UTC is 2 hours behind CET, and each new "training day" starts at midnight CET. So if you tried to train right after midnight CET it would fail because it was still Monday in UTC. This was fixed during the day so that the training window once again follows CET.

This fix was rather complex, and it resulted in some wrong players appearing as wildcards in scout reports for a few hours.

The switch to UTC time also meant players didn't increase in age during the night - this was because the age update was performed a time when it was not yet Tuesday in UTC time. It was fixed and a new age update has been run.

However, the fixes have also brought improvements for those of you playing in a different time zone than CET. The date of training results and age-related decline will now be shown according to your own time zone. Before, the dates were always displayed in CET.

Other issues related to UTC will probably pop up in the coming days, but we're on the case and ready to get them sorted.