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Season Review Sunday 15th Dec 2013

Written 15 December 2013, 15:56

This week has been a reasonably successful week here at FCCF with several 'firsts' and records falling.

Starting with player training, overall an excellent week with the highest and second highest squad average training scores of all time being recorded. On Thursday the team pulled out all the stops and hit an average training score of 4.95, this was almost eclipsed on Saturday (but not quite) when the team attained a 4.93 total average. Both these scores bettered the previous club all time best score of 4.90.
The stand out individual achievement was from Roland von Wollheim who hit a stunning 7.27 on Saturday, a club all time record. This was also the first time any player at FCCF had gone over 7 !! Congratulations to Rolly.

The 11 youngsters currently gaining experience playing in the German leagues continue to do well with no less than 9 of the 11 currently sporting WonderKid status. Both Rolland von Willheim and Silvo Pellonpaa continue to feature heavily for their respective national under 21 sides.
After gaining promotion last season the youngsters have cemented their place in division 5 in Germany with a 9th place finish. Sadly this is one place lower than required to trigger the 20k bonus payment but an excellent achievement none the less. The club will again ask for a bonus payment triggered by an 8th place finish to push the side to go one better next season.

Last season the club announced a desire to punch in to the top 5000 on the vifa rankings. This was achieved successfully with a high during the season of 4800. We ask that the team cement this standing by maintaining that top 5000 position throughout the coming season.

Due to the side proving that they are more than capable of holding their own in division 5, attendances continue to rise week on week. As such further expansion of the 'Stadium of Shite' has been completed (if the club continues to improve at the current rate we may need to find a new name for the stadium soon). The stadium is now capable of holding 2220 spectators and is regularly close to selling out at 8C. Further expansion will likely follow in the coming seasons.

Financially the week has gone reasonably well with the accountants reporting an overall income of 2,606,247 C. Unfortunately this is offset by expenditures of -829,616 C (stadium upgrade, transfer fees and wages) leaving a final season profit of 1,776,631 C. This is slightly below budget but is offset by the previous weeks performance where the budget was comfortably eclipsed. The club enjoyed its highest income to date from ticket sales taking 214,556 C from the 15 home games this season.

And finally, congratulations to Roland von Willheim on being awarded player of the season by his fellow professionals. When presented with the award Rolly had this to say 'warum nicht einfach kleben Sie diese Auszeichnung in den Arsch ' .

See you next week



Lady Phoenix 15 December 2013, 16:09
great stuff,well done

Alfie Tate 15 December 2013, 16:17
Brilliant release mate. Will be releasing my own one on seasonal review at around 7pm tonight, so everyone should subscribe for that one.

The Special One 15 December 2013, 17:13
Thanks smiley

I must admit I didn't really see the point of these before but I enjoy doing it now and its also a good record of my progress that I can check back on for reference.

Creghan 15 December 2013, 22:11

Creghan 15 December 2013, 22:11
Hmm how to subscribe ?

The Special One 15 December 2013, 22:29
I think you should be able to do it here http://www.virtualmanager.com/clubs/1055068/press