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Season Review Sunday 29th Dec 2013

Written 30 December 2013, 11:01

Welcome along to the final press release of 2013.

So as the year comes to a close we look back at 2013 with some fond memories. After discovering Virtual Manager 10 months ago it's been a roller coaster ride that brings us to where we are today. Progress has been good with the club closing the year out with an Expanded Training Facility, close to 20 million in the bank and a squad of young players who will soon be playing in division 4 Germany and not one of them is over 22 years of age.

The club has predominantly concentrated on improving training facilities and only recently started to play a side and move through the leagues. Several months were spent trading players followed by several months producing value jumpers once we installed a Large Training Facility.

The forward plan is still to upgrade to a Professional Training Facility before our one year anniversary on the game, a target we believe will be achieved.

The recent season has seen some good financial progress with a final profit of 4.4 million. Gate receipts reached a record high of 247k and continue to grow week on week. We expect to win promotion to division 4 in the next few seasons and establish the club as a mid table division 4 team before our 1 year anniversary.

Following excellent performance in training this week, Miroslaw Bujak has been voted players player of the season. Miroslaw ended the season with a training average of 4.82 and continues to improve on the pitch as a result of this extra effort on the training ground. When interviewed for the clubs TV channel Miroslaw said ' Donks fairy mooch four this award, it meeks me fairy prood to receive such recognishoon from my fallow players'.

And finally, as 2013 draws to a close everyone at the club would like to wish all fellow managers and game staff a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

See you in 2014.



Alfie Tate 30 December 2013, 13:05
great read with plenty of detail! =)