Marshall athletic

were stuck

Written 16 February 2018, 21:57

well were in a sticky sitiation am lik what goin own alswow shhh im on zee phown

i was yes at mr reporters funeral and it was boss free bar yaasss a woo got slaughtered also the best song played whaen it whent
what would i do with out your smart mouth drawing me in and then kicking me out youve got my head spinning no kidding i cant pin you down
whats going on in that beatiful mind
and with that i yelled nothing cos hes dead

Me "yaasssss"

the new mr reporter " was you invited"

Me" yaaasss a reporter thaats one male two white a three goes along with my a woo storstors anyhue too answar yaw ques no i wasnt

so lets finish the prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrress coference lates guys my fam are fine doyuo now what robbie i sinck robbie gazedis robbbie robbie ROBBIE im im im coming Robbie yas i love ARSEnal

PS im a liverpool fan liverpool liverpool a wooooo


charlie marshall 16 February 2018, 21:59