Marshall athletic

well well well were even moree stuck

Written 14 March 2018, 21:46

ohhhhh wa.a.a.a.a.a.a.a

Mrs. Reporter:- So Mr Marshall...
Me:- Hurry up woman dont you have a cook to suck... Not really your the cook not the husband you cook the bacun he brrrrrrrrrrrings
Mrs. reporter:- How dare you im a strong confient happy woman.
Me:- you also have your own gravitational pull but you dont mention that. Now shut up. and let the people who understand speak.
Yes Sir...
your ver ver ver sexist man
me:- dont care

so me wister pister im gonna sing a song
mo salah mo salah woning down the wing salalahahahaha the egyptin queen

threr fine
and to my wife maddilie i love girlfriend