Portsmouth CFC

Div 6 Consolidation Pt 2 of 10

Written 13 July 2014, 18:43

Season two of my ten season Div 6 consolidation ....
Key objectives this time are ...
a) Top six finish..
b) Get massage therapists.
c) Maintain a squad average of 12 (higher is a bonus)
d) Maintain four trainers
e) Improve a corner a of the stadium ...

Ambitious but doable I think


Chix 20 July 2014, 09:11
Objectives all but met

a) Finished 7th - Sponsor demanded 8th so still get bonus
b) Massage therapists in place
c) Squad average is 11 due mainly to seven youth players @ 1
d) Four trainers maintained (although now doubting their value at this stage)
e) A main stand built and 2 x corner stands built increasing capacity more than planned

The progress continues