FC Nieuwegein

Division 3 group 1 2015-20

Written 10 May 2015, 21:43

A new season in a new division. To early with this team. The team is not as strong as the other teams, but we will look were it ends.
We the start of the season we are Vifa rank #1755 (Vifa points: 7310).


Marc van Gaal 12 May 2015, 07:14
After the first 6 games we have 10 points. Six points ahead of the team who will relegated. So not bad at all.

Marc van Gaal 13 May 2015, 18:45
It is going really well. We have played 12 games now and on a nice 9 place with 14 points. Only 5 points of the relegated places. Today we hired for 3 seasons a 47AV Forward Center. Maybe we can score more goals now. The target moments are not much in a game so we need someone who can finish well. Let's see were it end. Still the goal is to stay in this division.

Marc van Gaal 15 May 2015, 11:49
21 games played. On place 8 now. 14 points ahead of nr. 13 (relegation), so that is not a problem anymore. Goal is succeed. Now we gonna fight to get spot 8, that gives us extra money from the sponsor and prize money. Let's go for it.

Marc van Gaal 15 May 2015, 23:19
What a day. 5 games played; 4 wins and 1 draw brings us to a 7th place. With only 8 games to go we are not fighting against relegation but we are fighting for the 8th place. Totally unexpected what we already achive in this division. We even upgraded the team to a higher AV. We cross our fingers for tomorrow.

Marc van Gaal 16 May 2015, 22:08
Only three games to go and we are 5 points ahead of numer 9. It will be a great achievement if we get the eight place in this season. We get two tough matches againts also nr. 1 so we will have to fight for the next points, but the team is ready. Next season we will be in this division so that goal from the beginning of this season we have in our pocket.

Marc van Gaal 17 May 2015, 12:57
We did it. With one game to go we are on the 7th place and will be there at the end. Great season and now we gonna think about our goals for next season.