FC Nieuwegein

Division 3 group 1 2015-23

Written 1 June 2015, 08:19

Only goals this season is stay in division 3; younger the team and upgrade the stadium.


Marc van Gaal 3 June 2015, 07:45
After 9 games: 8 wins and 1 loss the goals have already been made. By the wins we will stay in division 3 for sure, the stadium is upgraded to 11.100 visitors and the team is youngered by some transfers. We even got some young substitudes on the couch. We only have to find ourselves a older FC with nice stads because Odmiwar will retire next season. A nice taks for our management.

Marc van Gaal 5 June 2015, 06:58
With only 10 games to go the season is going to well. Our highest points ever is reach and we contracted a good FC. Even upgraded the team and this brings us now to a nice 3th place at the moment.

Marc van Gaal 5 June 2015, 13:16
It is going superb!!! With only 8 games left we are 7 points ahead of numer 4. After three seasons in division 3 and all of them a 7th place this is going to be our best results ever.

Marc van Gaal 5 June 2015, 14:20
Today the management decided after the good results and good transfers policy that the earned money again is going into expending our stadium. The total capacity will be 12.800 visitors after the upgrading. "The future is looking excellent for this club" said coach/manager Marc van Gaal. "The big clubs will hear from us soon".

Marc van Gaal 6 June 2015, 09:49
It looks like we are gonna battle for the second spot and a promotion to division 2. Our team is not ready for division 2 but when it comes on our way we will not walk away for this battle. The first homegame in our new stadium (12800 visitors) was a complete sellout by 7 credits, so the future is looking bright. Tomorrow we know what the result will be: division 3 or 2.

Marc van Gaal 6 June 2015, 19:59
With only three games remaining we secured ourselves for the second place. This means next season we will playing in division 2. Is our team ready to score some points in this division?