FC Nieuwegein

2017-20 Bundesliga

Written 19 May 2017, 11:32

There are seasons when it looks like everything is going to good.
On top of the Bundesliga: 9 points ahead with only 10 games to go. Still in the VMWC cup and the DFB Bokal. "Easy" opponents so tomorrow we will play in both in the quarterfinals.
Is it finally happen that we win the DFB Bokal and the Championship? We hope so then we can go on to the next country. That will be Denmark or France!! But first we have to win both in one season.

Changes have been made by the moderators. Older guys will loose abilities, prize-money adjustments and ticket-prices can be set by game. We like these changes. We will stick by our old guys and will see what they will do in the future. When we not can compete anymore with the older guys we will change plans.
Hope to see you next press release and hopefully we will be in another division. smiley


Marc van Gaal 20 May 2017, 22:20
In the same season there are also days when everything goes wrong. Out both Cups and only 5 points ahead with 3 games to play. THE VMWC Cup was alright against nr.1 and away game but the DFB Bokal a home match against a less team a loss with 1-2. What a shame. We will be in Germany next season. smiley