FC Viitorul Constanta

Road to PTF: Season 2020-02 Financials

Written 13 January 2020, 14:37

In a record breaking season the Income was 13,7M C, while the Expenditure only -7,7M C
This leaves us with a profit of just under 6M C.

Detailed financial report is as follows:

Sponsors 29,998 C
Media rights 23,327 C
Transfers 12,454,433 C
Tickets 427,310 C
Other 768,850 C


Operation costs 0 C
Upgrades 0 C
Transfers -7,632,364 C
Wages -80,321 C
Other -49,091 C

Result 5,942,142 C

A big part of the revenue comes from the inspired investment in a promising youth,Siaaneq Stenholdt ( https://www.virtualmanager.com/players/13770213-siaaneq-stenholdt ), the current record holder for our biggest investment (6.1M) and our biggest sell (8M). The initial offer was higher but the club hoped to gain more from an auction and lost 200k. We hope this show of good faith will build good relations with more established clubs which will see our very good scouting system and come on a regular basis to check our talented youth for a win-win transaction.

This record breaking season gets us closer to PTF, with an expected fast conversion of players into Credits over the course of the next 5-6 weeks.

Our total net worth (Credits + total players value) stands at 51,85 M, just over the threshold of the 50M required for the PTF investment.

The season's investments were the following players:

- Promising 18yo Keeper Pueq Sakusen ( https://www.virtualmanager.com/players/13677318-pueq-sakusen ) with a total rating of 26, bought for 334,334 C which increased in Rating to 27 and in value from 541,000 C to 1,130,000 C . With a reported 29,9 Potential Points we expect great things to come from him following a correction training based on Physical (for Diving) and team training for at least 2-3 seasons.
We expect his value to continue to increase to over 3M so he is transfer listed at 3.5M.

- Talented 19 yo DC Ove Rønning (https://www.virtualmanager.com/players/13615493-ove-rnning ) rated at 29 bought for 415,001 C. His value dropped from 876k of 526k when turning 19 but is expected to improve dramatically over the next 2-3 weeks as his potential points sit at 26,6. He is transfer listed at 1.8M

- Talented 21yo FC Allan Belluš ( https://www.virtualmanager.com/players/13520594-allan-bellu ) rated at 39 bought for 850k. His value after update stands at 1,88M and he is available for transfer at 2.9M. His value is expected to rise to 3.5-4M in 2 weeks.

- 23yo MR Endre Annus, please don't make fun of his name, ( https://www.virtualmanager.com/players/13396577-endre-annus ) rated at 39, bought at 600k. His Value just drop by 400k, and currently is valued at 843k. He is expected to increase to 1.9M in value over the next 2-3 weeks, and is currently transfer listed at 1.2M.

- 23yo DC Atso Sallinen ( https://www.virtualmanager.com/players/13362257-atso-sallinen ) rated at 47, bought for 1,4M. His value dropped from 2.3M to 1.8 due to poor training with his previous club. He's expected to go over 2.5M in value in the next weeks and is on TL for 2.5 currently.

- Talented 25 yo FR Luke Mcdougall ( https://www.virtualmanager.com/players/13243533-luke-mcdougall ) rated at 52, bought for 800k. He is a complete forward with a Total 512, expected to increase in value to 1.8M in the next 2 weeks. With a potential point of 28,6 and valued at 1,1M he is on TL for 1.5M .

- Talented 24yo ML Keith Perkins ( https://www.virtualmanager.com/players/13329141-keith-perkins), rated at 4M, bought for 3.2M. Well known for his athleticism (over 60 in Speed, Acceleration and Stamina) he will get accelerated training on Passing and Ball control for a quick increase in rating and value. With a potential point of 27,1 he is expected to increase in value to 5.7-6M in the next 3 weeks and is transfer listed at 5.5M.