Lancio FC

A first look at our new players

Written 14 August 2019, 15:24

We promised the fans and ourselves that we would bring additional support this season the strengthen our chances to promote this season.
Today, we are happy to announce we've added some experienced players to our starting 11.

Robert Edblad - 36yr - FL
We are incredibly excited to welcome Robert to the squad. With an average career rating of 8.1 and a transfer sum of 1.2 million earlier in his career, he is now set to bring his knowledge to our group of youngsters.

Jason Noonan - 21 - DR
Our backline definitely needed some reinforcement coming into this season. Jason is a perfect fit to lock down any attack coming through.

Børge Binder - 30 - DR
In order to complete our defense, Børge comes in to defend the right back and forms the missing piece of our squad this season.