Lancio FC

Promoted to division 4!

Written 18 August 2019, 16:23

Again with absolute dominate fashion, we've secured the number 1 placement this season which allows us to promote to Division 4.

With 85 total points over the course of 30 matches and with +75 goal difference, our top scorer was once again Hans-Erik Hunderup with 35 goals. We suffered only 1 defeat and 1 draw.

Now we're looking towards division 4 and we can see a lot of strong teams. Even squads that on paper have a stronger lineup are in the relegation spots and will move a division down. This tells us that we'll have to work hard next season in order to upgrade our team and bolster ourselves for a tough 30 matches.

As Robert Edblad announces his retirement, which will happen 2 seasons ahead of this statement, we welcome 4 new players to the squad.

Kenny Macguinness - 28yr - FR
The contract with Kenny was signed before we knew of the retirement of Robert. The first play was to temporarily play Kenny on the left instead of the right side, but now he'll stay put on his standard position while Robert will move over to the left flank.

Spiro Martinez - 34yr - MD
Another very experienced player joins the team and will coordinate everything from the middle of the pack.

Rashid Dawud - 26yr - MR
Our most expensive player to date, Rashid takes care of our right flank playing together with another new addition, Kenny Macguinness.

Mannus Begemann - 29yr - K
A lot of balls will be entering our sixteen and it will be Mannus' job to keep them out.