Promotion Challenge

Written 27 June 2018, 09:50

Phillip Phoenix spoke in a press conference today regarding the club's recent transfer activity, where the club is heading and their long term goals.

Question: We notice a lot of players are being picked up very cheaply, is there anything significant you can tell us or is there financial trouble you're not telling us about?

Phillip: It's no secret that the current crop of players were all found for next to nothing. Our initial goal is to give players whose careers had stagnated a second chance and to hopefully help them move on to bigger and better clubs. As you have seen in the last few seasons especially Jemal Mchedlidze has found himself amongst the goals again (after a run of 12 goals in 50 games his form at The Educated Antelopes was heavily questioned). This lead to him getting a move to a division 5 side which is certainly the direction he wants his career to be heading.

Question: So you're picking up players who are struggling, why wouldn't the club invest more heavily into a reliable side?

Phillip: From where I'm sitting I see a dedicated bunch of players who are working their butts off to prove themselves. Take Isaie Diderot for example, he came in off the back of a fairly underwhelming season but has cemented himself as our attacking midfielder for the foreseeable future. Players like that are just the sort of people I want to see taking to the pitch every game. I appreciate that seeing a club spend so conservatively is probably not the most interesting from a transfer perspective but I would like to reassure fans that with the club's mounting promotion challenge this season we will be looking to put a larger sum of money into a 'big signing' so to speak.

Question: Any indication of the transfer budget?

Phillip: My only instruction was to keep the club's accounts net positive each season, read into that what you will. [NOTE: The club made 400,000 credits last season mostly due to transfers, tickets are estimated to bring in around 200,000 credits alone]

Question: Finally, is there anything you'd like to say to address the fans this season?

Phillip: Thank you for your continued support. We're going to prove ourselves this season. We're aiming high and with those lofty ambitions we should hopefully be able to get ourselves into the top 2. I see no reason why we can't get there.