Phoenixes Record Signings and Sales

Written 3 August 2018, 10:48

The club's primary objective this season is to see the strength of the upcoming players before mounting a serious title push next season. In the process of doing this the club will look to strengthen any identified weak areas.
With this in mind we take a look at the 5 of the club's record signings and sales and discuss what made them happen.

1. Elstan Westmancoat [Record Signing] [Record Sale]
A rare case of a quick flip on this list. Elstan Westmancoat holds top spot for both signing and sale. His transfer for 254,177 credits was the largest to date and is over double their next highest purchase. He only appeared in 7 games but it's clear that his skill was noticed by Skydogs FC as he has made 69 appearances since his arrival there, picking up 20+ games per season

2. Benjamin Erola [2nd Highest Signing] [2nd Highest Sale]
At number 2 on both lists in Benjamin Erola who played for Phoenixes for roughly 1 and a half seasons, picking up 37 games and an impressive 29 assists. His departure came as a surprise after Wicenty Zastrzezynski (the preferred ML) had left earlier that season for an equally impressive fee. Picked up for 120,003 credits and departing for 225,000 credits his progress at the club certainly had an impact as his performances warranted an impressive 7.8/10 average rating.

3. Louis Grimes [3rd Highest Signing]
One of the current crop of players. An impressive defensive midfielder and the oldest player in the squad despite being just 23 years old. His arrival at the club for a hefty 110,038 transfer fee puts him in an elite club of just 3 players breaking the 100,000 credit barrier for signings. The club have been rumoured to be interested in making this larger signings but the recent upgrade to training facilities indicates their priorities may lie with the youth players for the time being although a good signing in a few areas would certainly make the club a formidable side as they look to climb the leagues.

4. Wicenty Zastrzezynski [3rd Highest Sale]
Departing for an impressive 199,500 credits, Wicenty Zastrzezynski hoped to find his place at Herning KFUM but has been left on the bench since his arrival. The left midfielder impressed at Fcgriskko which is what initially prompted Phillip Phoenix to step in and purchase him but after just 6 games a better offer came along that drew him away from the club.

5. Helmut Vogl [4th Highest Sale] [7th Highest Signing]
At just 19 years old, Helmut Vogl made a name for himself at the Phoenixes as a reliable and confident centre back. Possessing all the good qualities of a player many years more mature than he is. Despite making just 33 appearances during a turbulent time at the club, Vogl had a real drive and the club and fans loved that about him. In the end however, he was the club's 4th highest sale for an impressive 175,000 credits (a fee which was matched in the sale of young talent Adrian Cosentino just days ago). Much like Zastrezezynski he has been unable to establish himself at his new club as he is surrounded by players with higher league experience in Division 3 which is far above what can be expected of a 19 year old.