Off Season Madness [Fan Article]

Written 5 August 2018, 19:56

This off season has been an eye opener for fans of the Phoenixes as the squad has pretty much fallen apart. No one is quite sure of the reasons but as 2 centre backs, 2 full backs, 2 wingers and a forward seem to indicate - there is something big occurring at the club.

Ioane Doinitsin was the first big name departure from the club. The left back had fallen out of favour following the arrival of Raul Casas so it was not surprising to see him departing for a reported 95,000 credits.

Following soon after were Aurello Monticone, Timotheus Thomas and Hosbayar Battulga who were instrumental in the club's success last season. The wingers in particular had represented the club in a combined 124 games whilst Battulga was on the verge of 100 for the club so to see him go is heartbreaking. Battulga in his last interview before he was officially announced to have left admitted that the game time being given to the rotated squad players was cutting at his game time and last season he made only 12 appearances and bagged an immense 19 goals.

Both Claudio Caridade and Tsegmid Byambasuren followed the group out as the squad fell to pieces in a single transfer window. The centre backs played 25 of the 30 games as a pair and kept 23 clean sheets in that time. Tsegmid Byambasuren's career shall continue in Division 4 whilst Claudio Caridade makes a surprise downgrade to Division 6 in Greece.

Despite the chaos at the club, Phillip Phoenix remained calm in his press conferences, stating repeatedly "The players are free to explore their options, we realise that falling short of promotion last season was a huge let-down for them and whilst we promised another promotion chasing season for some players the promise of higher tier football was incomparable."