Goodbye: Valeriu Urzica [Club Announcement]

Written 10 August 2018, 19:36

After 123 games across 5 seasons and an average rating of 6.2, Valeriu Urzica departs from the club. As the most senior player in the squad his presence will certainly be missed on the training ground and he has been making a large number of substitute appearances this season. The departure comes as quite a shock and now means that the Danish right back Patrick Sønderkjær is the most selected player at the age of just 19. His appearances this season have been limited but it will be over a season before any of the current squad can come close to his appearance tally.

Urzica's departure comes for a total of 148,500 credits (a profit on his initial 85,433 credit signing), unfortunately the sale falls around 27,000 credits short of making it onto the top 10 sales list. Urzica had fallen out of favour after the arrival of 24 year old Jens Reistrup who had only previously played for one club and made an incredible 435 appearances. Fans hope his loyalty will tempt him to match or even beat that tally as he has already demonstrated excellent technical skill, particularly in his handling and passing. Urzica's handling was always adequate but he much preferred to go for a punch clear in the air rather than catch the ball and distribute it again.

The club would like to wish him every success as he will look to build on the experiences he gained whilst playing professionally for the first time at the Phoenixes.