Razey Rovers

Top 3 To Fight It Out

Written 29 December 2013, 04:59

By Getha Scoop

With the season drawing to an end and with many divisions already having their Champions and Runner-up already decided. In Divison 4, Group 5 of France neither of these have been decided as 3 teams are still fighting it out and they all set to go head to head against each other.

The first game of this crucial final day kicks off at 1:20am with top of the league Chievo Academy facing outsiders Razey Rovers at home. Then 25 minutes later Razey Rovers play host to Thanning United. And finally Thanning United against Chievo Academy at 5:30am to wrap up the crucial fixtures.
The results of these games played earlier in the season was as follows
Razey Rovers 2-1 Chievo Academy
Chievo Academy 1-1 Thanning United
Thanning United 3-2 Razey Rovers
So it will be hard to call what will happen in these games to come.

1 Chievo Academy 27 18 4 5 62 28 +34 58
2 Thanning United 27 16 7 4 62 35 +27 55
3 Razey Rovers 27 16 4 7 54 37 +17 52
The table as it stood before the games

Razey Rovers are outsiders for more than one reason. Firstly being 3 points behind 2nd and a further 3 more behind 1st a single defeat to either can all but surely end their hopes. Secondly Razey Rovers have taken to this division pretty well despite only just being promoted as Champions of Division 5 so no one expected them to be fighting for back to back promotions/championships. And lastly out of all three, by rating, they have the weaker squad but with a significant age difference for the better so if they do fail they will only get better.
Chievo Academy are clear favourites as a win against Thanning United will put them a single point away from sealing 1st place.

We spoke with the Rovers manager to see what he had to say about his teams chances. "Well to be honest with you, im chuffed to bits that your even asking me about our chances at promotion and possible even a title. Only just being promoted last season I was coming into this division I was expecting to be scrapping at it at the other end and at best maybe mid-table, but the bunch of lads I got at this club have stuck together well and have even exceeded my expectation for this season." He then continues to say "Now to answer your question about what I think about our chances. I say even if we weren't in the 'promotion battle' we would of still gone out to these games going for the win because if your not playing for the win then why are you playing at all? And besides this is football, crazier things have happened."